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my friend :icon8liana8: made this pic for me and I colored it. I LOVE EZKIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: <3 ♥

Favourite style of art: total drama island and cartoon
Wallpaper of choice: Ezekiel, krystellaxKlay
Favourite cartoon character: Ezekiel (tdi), Krystella ( chaotic).
Personal Quote: I LOVE EZEKIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tagged by :iconhosekidragon:


[] you act before you think
[] you are short-sighted
[] you often lose your temper and don't have very good control over it
[] you are a bad swimmer
[] you enjoy hot days
[] you are very competitive
[] you often lose control over yourself
[X] you can be quite reckless
[] you sometimes hurt people without realizing it
[] people often call you insane

1  out of 10

[] you have a calm, laid-back personality
[X] you like to go to the beach
[] you rarely get angry
[] when you get angry, you know how to control it
[] you think before you act
[] you are good at breaking up fights
[X] you are a good swimmer
[] you like the rain
[] you can stay calm in stressful situations
[] you are very generous

2 out of 10

[] you are very strong ( If I was I would beat up stupid Klay for not hooking up with Krystella yet)
[] you have a close connection with nature
[] you don't mind getting dirty
[] you form strong opinions on issues that concern you
[] you can easily survive in the wild
[X] you care about the environment
[] you can easily focus on your work without getting distracted
[X] you rarely get depressed
[] you aren't afraid of anything
[] you prefer to have a strict set of rules  ( no thanks i have too many rules already)

2 and half out of 10

[] you are a fast runner
[x] you are very restless
[] you can easily sneak up on someone
[] you enjoy windy days
[X] you enjoy wide open spaces
[x] you hate rules
[] you are independent
[] you are intelligent
[x] you tend to be impatient
[x] you wish you could fly

5  out of 10

[] you spend most of you time alone
[] you prefer night over day
[] you like creepy things
[] you like to play tricks on people
[] black is your favorite color
[] you prefer villains over heroes
[] you are atheist  ( what dose that mean?)  
[] you don't mind watching scary movies ( ummm no I got my fear of blood cause of a scary movie)
[/] you love to break the rules ( only stupid ones)
[] you dislike very bright places

.5 out of 10

[] you are very polite ( not really)
[] you don't have any enemies ( yeah i have enemies
[] when someone is in trouble, you always help them
[] you are very gullible
[] you are afraid of the dark
[x] you hate violence
[x] you want world peace ( war sucks)
[x] you are generally a happy person
[] every one loves to be around you
[] you always follow the rules

3 out of 10  

ok now I tag:

:iconmangakrafter: ,  :iconmaxxyboy2:  , and whoever wants to do this quiz
  • Listening to: music from the kingdom hearts games

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