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April 1, 2009
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Klay just stood there staring at Krystella.    He sighed and took a step closer to krystella.  “Look I don’t know what happen to you but I promise I’m here to help you” said Klay.  Klay reached out his hand to krystella but Krystella slapped it away.  Klay gasped and krystella glared at him “I don’t need you’re dam pity and I don’t need you!”  She yelled.   What… what’s wrong with her? I just want to help.   “Pity?! I wasn’t given you pity I was try to be a good friend” said Klay.  Krystella scoffed “a good friend?  Don’t give me that crap you done nothing but use me “said Krystella.

  “That’s not true!” said Klay “ok... I have been a jackass at times to Tommy and others but never to you”   I couldn’t do that to you… Krystella had her hand in a fist “get lost Klay or I’ll have to kill you” said Krystella.  Klay bit his lower lip he didn’t get why Krystella was being this way but he knew he wasn’t going to leave with out Krystella no matter what.  

“No! I’m not leaving with out you!” said Klay “after all you are my best friend” he said with a little smile.   “How touching….  But I made up my mind and no wuss is going to change that” she said punching Klay in the nose Klay lost his balance and his back hit a tree.  Klay’s nose was bleeding a little so he garbed it with his left hand.


“No way Max lizard people are way better then overworlders” said Lily. Max sighed “lily… there not called Lizard people get the stupid name right” said Max he grabbed his soda and took a sip   “besides Overworlders kick the other tribes butts”.  Lily glared at Max “yeah... in you’re dreams” said Lily.   Lulu sighed “stop fighting you two both of them rule” said Lulu. “Stay out of this “Lulu the loser” said Max.  Lulu kicked Max’s knee “DON’T CALL ME LULU THE LOSER!” she yelled.

Max lifted up his leg and rubbed it “oww…” said Max.  “That hurt”. Lulu smiled “good”.  Max rolled his eyes.   I hate it when she dose that.
He only knew Lulu because she was a friend of Alice and Alice’s little sister Lily. Sometimes his big mouth would open up and he would say whatever was on his mind with out thinking.  Max sighed “I’m sorry Lulu” said Max. Lily gasp and Lulu smiled “thank you Max that’s all I wanted you to say” she said with a little smile.  Max gave a tiny smile back “cool” he said happily.

Klay was behind a tree trying to catch his breath and think what to do
Dam it... What am I going to do I don’t want to fight her... but it looks like I might have to he look at the ground and sighed “Krystella…. This is all my fault” he whispered he peek his head around the tree to see where krystella was but he couldn’t find her.  “Over here idiot!” said krystella.  Krystella was about to punch him but he ducked and she hit the tree. Klay got back on his feet fast and tried to punched krystella in the face but she garbed his fist and she smirked

“You always have been weak Klay” said Krystella “you may act tough but you’re noting but a marshmallow “. Klay didn’t say anything “the truth is… I hate you and I can’t even stand to look at you or even think of you”  Klay gasp  “ Krystella…. I know you don’t really mean that you’re just being controlled by someone or something but I’ll save you I promise” said Klay.  

Krystella growled “say what ever the hell you want... but I’m still going to kill you”.  She put her hand into a fist and it started to glow with a dark purple light and some purple sparks.  Krystella punched Klay in the stomach and Klay coughed up a little blood, Krystella let go of him and he fell to the ground crap… I can’t move Klay closed his eyes and turned his head a little.  
Krystella smirked “come on you can’t be out cold already” she said putting her hands on her hips.  She sighed and gave Klay a little kick in the leg and scoffed “ alright loser I’ll leave you here to die” she said starting to walk away but she stop and turned around “ and we were never friends to begin with”  she opened a dark portal and walking into it.  



Klay had his hand on a chair and leaning a little bit looking at krystella “nice work… not!” he said.  “Relax... it’s just a little set back we were close” said Krystella.  Klay put his hand into a fist “close isn’t good enough I want to destroy those two!” he said angrily. Krystella smiled “Klay… I think this is the start of a perfectly nasty   friendship” said Krystella Klay smiled until krystella patted Klay’s cheek softly then he gasp and she walked away.   Klay watched her walk away with a worried look on his face.   I remember that day… I had a match against Tommy that day and she helped me but I still lost and yet she still befriended me.    How could she say we were never friend we hang out a lot like friends do.   There was a flash of light and Klay slowly opened his eyes and saw he still was in the forest of life.
part 2 I kind of mess up a bit in the flash back ^^; ohwell


I do not own chaotic
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KXK rocks!I wish they'd appear in more episodes.I counted the number of episode they appeared on in season 1 and on 40 episodes,they only appeared like 15 times either alone or together.Sometimess as extras.
yes they do rock. only 15 times?
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